11th Anniversary Legendary Lovers Valentine's Collection (24 Piece)

For the 11th year in a row, we present our annual Legendary Lovers Collection, a unique collection of hand crafted Valentine chocolates honoring some of the greatest lovers in history, art, music and literature. Each beautiful box has 2 pieces each of:

Jax and Tara  Pear pate de fruit on top of a Beurre Noisette ganache

William and Kate  Hazelnut praline blended with milk chocolate.
Brody and Carrie Vanilla bean and white chocolate ganache 
Tommy and Gina  Coffee infused milk chocolate ganache
Jack Sparrow  Jivara Milk chocolate ganache.
Khanumhotep and Niankhkhanum  Passionate Heart, Dark chocolate and passionfruit ganache.
Pancho Villa  Blood Orange pate de fruit on top of a El Buho Mezcal ganche.
Stacyʼs Mom  Cinnamon ganache on top of an almond praline.
Amadeo Modigliani and Jeanne Hébuterne  Dark Chocolate ganache infused with Jasmine tea.
Anthony Weiner  Passion Banana- Passionfruit pate de fruit on top of a Banana ganache.
Vega and Altair  Raspberry pate de fruit on top of a Habanero ganache.
Hathor  80% Bittersweet dark chocolate ganache.
$48.00 each


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